Mezzanine floors

POLYPAL mezzanines are the perfect solution to expand the warehouse area without the need to carry out any construction work. This type of storage system takes advantage of the height of the warehouse to increase the surface area and maximize the available volume. 
This solution allows to enable new areas for storage, order picking, offices or changing rooms in spaces that were not previously used. 
The POLYPAL mezzanine can be supported on columns or on a racking or shelving system. 

Mezzanine on columns

This storage solution is ideal to be installed in buildings where modification of the structure is not allowed or where operations such as welding or metal cutting are prohibited.

Its robustness is designed to support large loads, from 300 kg/m2 up to 1500 kg/m2.

They can be designed to allow for the circulation on the mezzanine of handling elements such as manual or powered pallet trucks.

The POLYPAL mezzanine system is completely bolted, thus allowing great flexibility of modification, expansion and/or relocation. Its installation is characterized by its agility and cleanliness. 

The distance between columns can vary from just a few metres to spans of 10 m or even more.

Mezzanine on shelves

This storage system consists of a diaphanous mezzanine area with a lower racking or shelving structure that is destined for manual light-duty storage.

The shelving models of a diaphanous upper mezzanine are:

  • pallet racking

  • medium-duty shelving or picking

The mezzanines made with POLYPAL shelves take advantage of the available height of the warehouse, multiplying the available surface.

Allows for loads from 300 kg/m2 up to 1,000 kg/m2.

Like the diaphanous mezzanines on columns, the mezzanine built with POLYPAL shelving is easy to assemble and completely removable, enabling great flexibility for future changes (modification, expansion, relocation, …).  

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Puerta de seguridad para paletas Entreplantas

Safety palet gates

Staff must be protected at all times when moving pallets or goods on mezzanine floors. The safety gate is designed so there is always a handrail either when loads are placed in the area or collected from it to cover all voids. It is manually operated and can cover one or more pallets of many different sizes. The type of door used will depend on the size of the pallets.

The door has a safety yellow epoxy finish.

Tailor-made solution

If you are not sure which storage solution best suits your needs, please contact us. We will help you get your project off the ground.

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