Multi-tier shelving

Industrial shelving with multi-tiers built with racking or shelving (depending on loads), is the storage solution to take advantage of the height of the warehouse.

This type of shelving with aisles at different levels allows operators to access the upper levels of storage and handle the load manually or assisted by warehouse trolleys, and is adaptable to either low or high rotation (i.e. e-commerce using WMS for guidance).

Different levels of aisles are created at various heights to facilitate access via stairs, and goods lifts can also be installed to handle merchandise. 


  • Allows direct access to all load units from built-in aisles
  • Optimal utilization of the surface and height of the warehouse. 
  • Adaptable to most types of warehouses and to any manual loading unit. 

Depending on the load on both the floor and the shelves, the multi-tier system can be designed with various types of shelves and racks:

In general, these facilities are used to store medium– and low-rotation goodsbut they are sometimes utilized in high-rotation e-commerce facilities that employ computerized warehouse management systems for assistance. 

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Safety elements

Rear safety mesh

Rear safety mesh

Prevents from goods falling on sensitive areas such as aislesworking stationsmachinery...

Tailor-made solution

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