Mobile office shelving

The POLYPAL mobile shelving consists of placing the light load shelving system, whether industrial or office, on a structure of mobile bases.

These bases slide on tracks placed on the floor, thus moving the shelves and releasing the necessary corridor to access the desired items.

With this system it is possible to have direct access to each shelf with a single aisle, considerably reducing the need for storage space with respect to the fixed shelving storage system, without losing access to the item.

The light mobile shelves are a very effective solution in areas of high cost of the ground or in little offices with few meters.

High density, aesthetically pleasing and space efficient storage for offices, as they represent a lower cost alternative to increase floor space.

Use in industrial environment: car accessories, spare parts, technological articles …
Use in healthcare: pharmaceutical products, medical histories …
Use in an office environment: storage of documentation, office material, archive in general …
Restricted use: valuable and delicate objects in museums, works of art, archaeological remains, manuscripts.


  • A single corridor allows access to 100% of the shelves.
  • Take advantage of 85% more useful space than a conventional fixed system.
  • It allows to integrate the shelves with the decoration of the office or premises thanks to different finishes, colors and decorative panels.
  • The operating mechanisms can be manual or mechanical by steering wheels.
  • Busy aisle blocking system that prevents the mobile block from starting up to ensure access to the aisle without risk to personnel.
  • Flywheels can be provided with locks or a locking bar to create a restricted access area and prevent access to material or documentation from unauthorized personnel.
  • Moving shelves effortlessly for the operator.

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Type 1: Fixed shelving

Capacity: 160 load levels. With a single corridor you can have access to the 100% of the shelves.


Type 2: Multi-purpose shelving and space

Capacity: 160 load levels – Other use: 16m2


Type 3: Shelving on mobile bases

Capacity: 300 load levels


Use of space for 40m2

Customized solution

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