Clad rack warehouses

Clad rack warehouse

In clad rack warehouses the racks not only store the goods, they also make up the main structure of the building and support the structure of the cladding, thus building an industrial warehouse.

The self-supporting racks have a double advantage, equip the warehouse and avoid the civil construction of an industrial warehouse.


  • It is the ideal solution for warehouses destined to stock as many cargo units as possible.
  • It allows to store in great height with the maximum use of the available space.
  • The self-supporting warehouse manages to improve construction times and significantly reduce costs compared to the construction of a non-self-supporting building.
  • It makes possible the storage by trucks operated manually or with automatic equipment.
  • The racks of a clad rack warehouse not only support the loads of the goods and the handling equipment, they also support external loads as the force of the wind, overloads by snow and rains, or seismic loads.

Clad rack warehouses can be built with:

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