Conventional pallet racking

The adjustable pallet racking is specially designed for the storage of palletized loads and containers. It is the most used system for its easy assembly, economic cost and versatility.


  • Designed for the storage of palletized loads and containers.
  • Allows direct and unitary access to each of the stored pallets
  • The dimensions of the corridors are defined according to the trucks that will be used.
  • It is not necessary to use highly specialized equipment.
  • The capacity of construction in height is unlimited, it is only conditioned by the elevation capacity of the trucks or the height of the industrial unit.
  • They allow to easily modify the arrangement of the load levels, thanks to the height adjustment with 50 mm pitch.
  • For greater storage capacity it is possible to install APR with narrow aisle or with double deep.
  • The APR system can be combined with the use of lower shelving for picking if the operation of the warehouse requires that the preparation of orders is made in the same access corridors.


Adjustable pallet racking


Double deep pallet racking

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Puerta de seguridad para paletas Entreplantas

Racking Safety Inspections

POLYPAL has a Racking Safety Inspections Service for warehouses with pallet racking.

There is no need for further investment in new equipment

  • POLYPAL adapts the storage solution according to the handling equipment already available at the warehouse.

Security elements

Frame protection with side steel guard

Frame protection with side steel guard

The frame protection absorbs the impacts that the frames could have with the shocks of the trucks, thus preventing damage to the structure of the rack.
Upright protection elements

Upright protection elements

Protects the upright from shocks. According to NTP-852 they are mandatory to install in:
  • all extreme struts that give the cross aisles
  • all struts located at the intersection of aisles and cross passages
Design and features according to UNE-EN 15512.
Frame protection with wood board side guard

Frame protection with wood board side guard

Protects the frame in cases where the pallets are deposited at the head of the alignments.
Load fall prevention mesh

Load fall prevention mesh

Prevents the fall of the load on people.
Back stop

Back stop

Prevents the pallets from falling. It can be completed with the fall protection mesh for extra security.

Customized solution

If you're unsure which storage solution best suits your needs, contact us. We will assist you in configuring your project.

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