Adjustable racking narrow aisle

The design of this racking is based on the APR system, optimizing the space of the warehouse by reducing the width of the aisles and taking advantage of the height of the building, increasing the storage capacity.

The type of forklift trucks for this system is specifically designed to reach greater heights than conventional trucks, being suitable up to 17 meters.

The systems developed by POLYPAL are compatible with all types of tower trucks existing in the market, either trucks with man-up cab for load positioning or picking to equipment with programmable positioning systems in which the operator works at ground level.

These trucks need guidance system:

  • Rails anchored to the slab, which can be installed by POLYPAL.
  • Electronic detection, installed by the truck supplier.

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Puerta de seguridad para paletas Entreplantas

Racking Safety Inspections

POLYPAL has a Racking Safety Inspections Service for warehouses with pallet racking.

Security elements

Back stop

Back stop

Prevents the pallets from falling. It can be completed with the fall protection mesh for extra security.
Load fall prevention mesh

Load fall prevention mesh

Prevents the fall of the load on people.

Customized solution

If you're unsure which storage solution best suits your needs, contact us. We will assist you in configuring your project.

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