Mobile pallet racking

The POLYPAL mobile pallet storage system is based on racks installed on motorized mobile platforms that move on rails embedded in the hearth.

The lateral movement of the racks allows the work aisle to be positioned in the necessary position for access, either with the use of a remote control or with the buttons located on the front panel.

The movement is achieved by electric motors that work synchronized, so that the racks move smoothly at the same time. The accelerations and braking are progressive, thus avoiding sudden starts or stops.


  • Through a single aisle the system allows access to all pallets or loads.
  • These racks are handled by counterbalanced, conventional or retractable trucks, standard type, without the need to use specialized handling equipment.
  • The mobile palletization system uses the maximum volume of the warehouse, therefore it is the best solution for installations in which the cost of the floor is high or it is necessary to increase the storage capacity without expanding the warehouse.
  • It is a very useful system in cold rooms or freezing rooms.
  • The mobile system can be applied both, to adjustable pallet racking, as usual, or to other systems with direct access to loads such as cantilever racks.

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The platforms are composed of wheel chassis, which can be motorized or not, and beams with hot press laminated profiles, which gives high resistance to impacts.


Each chassis incorporates an additional individual security system that, together with the general security systems of the installation itself and the computerized central system, prevent accidents in warehouse operations.

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