Pallet live storage

The pallet live storage systems of POLYPAL are compact structures where roller lanes with a predefined inclination are used to shift the pallets downwards by means of their own weight.

They can be designed for FIFO operation (first in / first out, first pallet to enter first pallet to exit) or LIFO (last in / first out, first to enter last to exit). Both systems guarantee a fast and organized flow of the pallets, but each one has its particular characteristics:


In FIFO Dynamic racks, the pallets are loaded into the gravity lanes on the entry side, where the slope causes them to move at a slow and controlled speed. , from the loading point to the unloading point. When a pallet is unloaded, the next pallet occupies its space and is ready for its removal.

Available volume is optimized by requiring only one loading aisle and one unloading aisle, against other rack systems that require additional aisles. The differentiation of loading and unloading aisles results in high-performance handling of the goods.

The dynamic FIFO racking from POLYPAL is the best solution for the storage of perishable products that require a perfect stock rotation.


In the LIFO Dynamic Racks, the loading and unloading of the different lanes is made at the front of the block from the same aisle.

After placing the first pallet on the lanes, to store the second pallet the operator pushes the first along the rollers with the second load, and then the first and second with the third and consecutively until the lane is full. Unloading is made inversely, the first pallet loaded is the last one removed from the lane.

In this system, the number of pallets stored is prioritized, as only one aisle is required thus freeing space for more storage or other duties.


Characteristics of the pallet live storage:

  • As a compact system, the load capacity is maximum.
  • Allows a perfect rotation of goods without needing additional stock control systems.
  • Low maintenance and without energy consumption.
  • Low operating costs, you need less task force and less forklifts.

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Puerta de seguridad para paletas Entreplantas

Racking Safety Inspections

POLYPAL has a Racking Safety Inspections Service for warehouses with pallet racking.

Security elements

Upright protection elements

Upright protection elements

Protects the upright from shocks. They are mandatory to install in:
  • all extreme uprights that give the cross aisles
  • all uprights located at the intersection of aisles and cross passages
  • all exposed uprights located at tunnels and heads of rows
Design and features according to UNE-EN 15512.
Side frame protection with guard rail

Side frame protection with guard rail

Protects the frames from accidental shocks with the truck.
Side frame protection with wood board

Side frame protection with wood board

Protects the frames from accidental shocks with the truck.

Customized solution

If you are not sure which storage solution best suits your needs, please contact us. We will help you get your project off the ground.

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