All the lockers you can imagine.

POLYPAL lockers are designed to be used in different environments and sectors, this guarantees that there is a locker for every need. They are characterized by their functionality and are fully configurable in sizes, colors, systems of locks, type of doors or interior supports.

The POLYPAL range of lockers is made up of generic metal lockers that can be used in sports centers, schools or work changing rooms; up to more specific use lockers such as the loading of electronic devices, aluminum and plastic lockers that are resistant to damp and open air environments, dirty work clothes collection counters and clean clothes dispensers, or locker benches.

Functional and flexible solutions that make life more comfortable and safe.

Quality as a standard

The POLYPAL lockers have been tested and meet the BS 4680: 1996 standard regarding the product. In order to obtain compliance with the BS 4680: 1996 standard, the products have to fulfill key criteria covering dimensions, material, construction and finish, as well as locking, fittings and ventilation.


ACTIVECOAT anti-microbial technology

All POLYPAL lockers have patented ActiveCoat protection. This anti-microbial technology, which is incorporated in the manufacturing process of the lockers, offers constant protection against bacteria, mould and fungi, potentially harmful.

This coating reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface, helping to create a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Especially suitable when strict hygiene standards are required, such as in areas such as health, education, catering and clothing.

  • Active Coat: the hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environment.


  • Iron phosphate key coat: This anti-rust, key coat bonds to the Steel in readiness for the final active coating.


  • Prepared Steel Surface: Chemical cleaning ensures an ideal surface for further coatings.
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