Carton Flow


Carton flow racks for manual loading are specially designed for gravity storage of non-palletized loading units, usually boxes or containers, of varied sizes and materials.

This type of shelves, called Carton Flow or roller shelves, are designed for manual handling and high product rotation.

It follows a FIFO operation, where the boxes are introduced by the highest end of the shelf, and through the inclined plane of the sheaves, they are moved to the opposite side, ready for removal at the time it is needed.


  • Ideal for warehouse areas with a high volume of picking, as it increases the number of lines to be prepared and reduces staff movements.
  • Save space, only 1 entrance aisle and 1 exit aisle.
  • The accumulation of boxes in depth ensures a correct replacement in picking.
  • Optimization of times in the orders preparation.
  • The design of the rails of the roller guarantees the optimal introduction and extraction of the loads, in a comfortable and ergonomic way for the operator.
  • The inclination of the rollers, specific for each specific case, ensures a circulation without clogging of the boxes or containers at an adequate speed.
Gravity roller conveyor

Gravity roller conveyor

Loads are placed on the inclined reception channels, their downwards movement being, graduated by the roller systems, towards the dispatch and picking position

The load is introduced at one end and exits from the opposite side.

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