Drive-in/Drive through racking

Carga paletizada compacta | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

The compact storage system is the best solution for storing a high number of pallets per reference.

This solution allows maximum compaction, obtaining a superior storage capacity than the pallet racking system, for a given surface.

There are two types of installations according to the customer’s needs:

  • Drive-In, LIFO mode (the truck enters the lane to deposit/pick up the pallet and leaves in the opposite direction).
  • Drive-Through, FIFO mode (the truck can exit through the other side of the lane).

The compact storage system consists of sets of racks that form interior loading lanes, with lanes where the pallets are supported. The truck enters the streets, with the load lifted above the lane where it will be deposited. The number of corridors needed in this system is minimal and therefore, the available space is used to the maximum, both in surface and in volume. It is ideal for storing homogeneous loads whose rotation is not a determining factor.

Using a minimum number of access corridors, the POLYPAL accumulation storage system optimizes the maximum available space.


Drive-in: The forklift enters the lane to deposit/collect the pallet and exits the lane in the opposite direction:

  • Pallets are accessed from the front of the racking.
  • The stocked range is restricted, being this system suitable far homogeneous loads ar storing loads with the same dispatch date, achieving very high storage volumes.
  • A single access aisle is required.


Drive-Through: Pallets stored from on one of the faces of the compact block can be removed through the opposite side.

  • Pallets are accessed from both sides of the racking.
  • Improved performance of the compact system in dispatch operations.
  • Two access aisles are required.

Racking Safety Inspections

Racking Safety Inspections

POLYPAL has a Racking Safety Inspections Service for warehouses with pallet racking.

Estantería compacta con palés en nave industrial | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Security elements

Upright protection | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Upright guard

Prevents accidental impacts on the first upright exposed to the aisle. According to NTP-852 regulations it is mandatory to install upright guards on all end uprights.
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