Ad-hoc warehouse for the logistics transformation of vehicle manufacturer Groupe PSA







Groupe PSA is the second largest carmaker in Europe, comprising the brands Peugeot, Citröen, Opel, DS Automobiles and Vauxhall.


The group has production plants in 12 countries, with the factory in Vigo being one of the main ones, where it produces 2,250 vehicles a day.

An internal logistics transformation plan, together with the implementation of new technologies, added to the growth in sales, led the carmaker to invest in a new warehouse project to optimise raw materials storage capacity and order for the forming, prototypes and logistics departments.

To do this, in addition to extending several pavilions, two new buildings were erected for logistics use and the rearrangement of flows.


POLYPAL fitted out the new warehouses with racking specifically designed for Groupe PSA Vigo because, due to the type of product and work required, it had to be far more robust and have a much greater load capacity than any other type of racking.

The racking modules had 4 and 5 levels plus floor, to withstand an average of 7.5 tonnes per level, achieving a capacity of up to 37.5 tonnes per module. The raw materials stored on these shelves is steel sheet that subsequently becomes the bodywork of the cars.

Based on this module design, three different types of length and height combinations were made to adapt to the various steel sheet dimensions used by Groupe PSA Vigo.

The standard module has:

  • Uprights with 110 mm at the front and special beams. Instead of profiled metal sheet, these are hot rolled profiles which manage to withstand the more than 7 tonnes per level.
  • Tramex grating inset between the beams to which safety stops are welded to prevent sliding of the tramex trays.
  • Galvanised sheet metal tray below the tramex to avoid dirt from the dust generated in the manufacturing environment to fall on the different racking levels.
  • Backstop, safety mesh, and load floor guard, as safety elements to prevent material falling into the aisle.


Design and manufacture of these racks, exclusively for Groupe PSA Vigo, had to meet high safety demands as they were to be used for the storage of high-tonnage raw materials.

As a long-term partner, in addition to this project, POLYPAL continues working with Groupe PSA Vigo adapting its warehouses to the needs and changes that emerge.

Technical data sheet

  • Warehouse surface: 1,950 m2
  • Useful surface in racking: 2,520m2
  • Load capacity per level: up to 7.5 tonnes.
  • Load capacity per module: up to 37.5 tonnes.
  • 109 pallet racking modules.

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