New automated clad-rack warehouse for more than 10,000 tonnes of paper





Papel Aralar is a special paper manufacturer for sectors as diverse as the textile, medical, or food sectors, with products such as labels and wrapping for food, or paper for making surgical gowns.

The highly innovative company has made large investments in infrastructure, such as in its new clad-rack warehouse adjoining its Amezketa factory in Gipuzkoa.


Thanks to the company’s internal expansion and consolidation, Papel Aralar needed to increase its storage capacity and optimise its logistics processes.


In clad-rack warehouses, the racking not only stores the goods and withstands their loads, it also supports the structure of the walls and roof, avoiding most of the civil works. This reduces execution times and costs compared to a traditional warehouse.


POLYPAL and ULMA Handling Systems built a new clad-rack automated warehouse for storing strapped products on rails with a capacity for more than 5,300 paper coils.


The installation has a surface of 3,000 m2, depth of 22.2 metres, 15 load levels at height and comprises 25 racking modules operated by the shuttle system to facilitate movement of the paper coils.


The new warehouse has the capacity to contain more than 10,000 tonnes of paper.

The maximum load per level is:

  • Level one: 1,300 kg/m
  • Levels 2 – 7: 1,200 kg/m
  • Levels 8 – 15: 288 kg/m

Technical data sheet

  • Paper coil storage
  • Automated clad-rack warehouse
  • LIFO System
  • Total surface: 3,000 m2.
  • Depth of 22.2 metres
  • Height of 32 metres
  • 15 load levels at height
  • Racking with coil shuttle system

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