New logistics centre to guarantee Dexis’ expansion in Spain










Dexis Ibérica is the division of multinational group Descours & Cabaud, specialised in the distribution and sale of industrial maintenance products and solutions, and in the manufacture of capital goods and occupational safety equipment.


Dexis’ new warehouse emerged in response to the company’s expansion in Spain. The growth in its number of offices required centralising the whole of its distribution with the aim of achieving more flexible and efficient logistics. As of now, all forecast growth on an operational level will be managed from the new platform, which as it is located in Zaragoza will guarantee clients receive their orders in less than 24 hours.


Given the type of merchandise requiring storage, POLYPAL suggested different solutions for fitting out the 13,800 m2 warehouse to contain up to 60,000 product references:

  • Adjustable pallet racking for europallets and half-pallets, with an 8,250-pallet capacity.
  • Picking racks for medium loads, with capacity for 75,000 picking spaces of different sizes.
  • Cantilever for long loads.
  • Special racking for storage of vertical loads.



Benefits and advantages of the new installation for the business:

  • Facilitates implementation of 4.0 logistics, incorporating new technologies and automations in the Dexis Ibérica processes.
  • Significantly increases the storage capacity to have the best product catalogue in the same space, thereby improving product availability for customers.
  • Increases productivity and therefore, reduces time taken to place products at clients’ disposal.
  • Improves inventory management and the risk of stockouts.
  • Contributes to sustainability and reduces the carbon footprint thanks to the implementation of more efficient methods of operation.

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