We designed the refrigerated warehouse of food logistics operator Montfrisa




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Montfrisa, a low-temperature food logistics operator is the market leader with more than 60 years offering comprehensive frozen food storage, handling and distribution solutions.


For its distribution centre in Madrid, the client needed to fit out 3 refrigerated stores of 12m in height, interconnected with each other.

The design of these stores had to:

  • utilise capacity to a maximum to optimise the per pallet cooling cost
  • improve access to the pallets
  • enable swift and operational picking of the products stored on pallets to achieve efficient order preparation


Lateral cold stores


The stores on either end of the warehouse are fitted out with racking for palletised loads on mobile platforms, with a total capacity of 6,346 pallets, and a height of 10 m.

These zones are dedicated to large volume storage and also serve as a buffer for the picking zone (situated in the central store).

The installed system, having a single interchangeable aisle, achieves access to all of the racks, representing a saving in space. Therefore, as the racking on mobile platforms optimise capacity to a maximum, the cooling cost per pallet also decreases.


Central cold store


The central store is dedicated to manual loading or picking. This zone is equipped with a mezzanine of 9 m and 3 height levels designed for large loads.

The storage surface of this mezzanine is 1,080 m2 with a capacity of 1,672 pallets.  These pallets are directly deposited on the floor of each mezzanine level to facilitate and optimise operator picking tasks.




In cold stores, the importance of optimising storage capacity is particularly relevant to reduce the refrigeration cost per pallet, and to improve access to them. In this type of stores, where work takes place at temperatures as low as -25º, it is also important to optimise the picking processes.

Technical data sheet

  • Frozen food storage
  • 3 cold stores
  • Adjustable pallet racking with mobile platforms
  • Mezzanine of 3 levels with a surface of 1,080m2 and height of 9.2m
  • Load unit: pallets of 800×1,200×2,000 mm with a maximum load of 1,000 kg/unit
  • Total capacity: 8,000 pallets

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