Work changing rooms with modular lockers for the industrial sector


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Stadco, a steel and aluminium panel stamping and assembly firm for the automotive industry, is a Tier 1 international supplier of products and services for clients such as Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, GM and BMW.


Stadco wanted to improve its employee dressing rooms, which were fitted with shared lockers, to provide production and warehouse staff with individual lockers where they could keep their personal and work clothes.


POLYPAL designed three dressing rooms, two for production staff and a third one for warehouse personnel, consisting of metal lockers of various models and dressing room benches for increased comfort.

Thinking of different uses and requirements, standard lockers were installed with a shelf and hanger bar on Sixto-model locker modules. The latter designed for the laundry service to place employees’ clean clothes inside.

Special-width lockers were also installed for personal and work clothes with a central divider to allow hanging clothes to be kept separate. The ideal type of locker for forklift drivers, who need extra capacity to store both damp and dry work clothes. Additionally, these lockers had grates in the top and bottom part for additional ventilation.

The design and layout of the lockers had to provide an effective system for the laundry service to be able to collect used work clothes and hand out clean uniforms. For this reason, a dirty clothes collection area was also installed consisting of laundry lockers.

How do laundry lockers work for work changing rooms?

Employees, through the openings in these lockers, deposit their used uniforms, which fall directly into large bags located inside them. The laundry service accesses this locker with a key to collect the dirty clothes and, once cleaned, places them on the lower module of each employee’s locker. Locker users have access to both the top and bottom part, but the laundry service can only access the bottom pigeonhole to introduce the employee’s clean uniform. This provides efficient management of the work clothes laundry service.


Advantages of POLYPAL lockers for work clothes

POLYPAL lockers stand out for their resistance, safety and functionality. They are fully configurable in terms of their size, colour, lock system, door type and internal accessories.

To guarantee health and safety, all lockers incorporate as standard the patented ActiveCoat antimicrobial technology. This coating offers consistent protection against bacteria, moulds and fungi, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination of surfaces with a high frequency of contact.

Technical data sheet

  • 3 fitted out changing rooms
  • 183 standard lockers
  • 93 special-width lockers with central divider
  • 5 used uniform collection lockers
  • Dressing room benches

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