Carton Flow

Carton flow is a gravity-controlled, high-density compact system. It can follow either a FIFO or LIFO flow. In FIFO installations, the boxes are loaded at the highest end of the shelf and move down the track by means of their own weight until they reach the exit, where they are ready to be removed. In LIFO installations, both loading and unloading take place at the same end of the tracks. 


  • Ideal for warehouse areas with a high volume of picking, as it increases the number of lines to be prepared and reduces staff movements. 
  • Save space, in FIFO only 1 entry aisle and 1 exit aisle are required, in LIFO only 1 entry/exit aisle is needed. 
  • The accumulation of boxes in depth ensures a correct flow for picking. 
  • Optimization of times in the order preparation. 
  • The design of the roller tracks guarantees an optimal introduction and extraction of the loads, both comfortable and ergonomic for the operator. 
  • The inclination of the rollers, to be adjusted on site for each specific case, ensures a circulation without clogging of the boxes or containers at an adequate speed. 

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Gravity roller conveyor

  • Loads are placed on the inclined reception channels, their downwards movement being, graduated by the roller systems, towards the dispatch and picking position
  • The load is introduced at one end and exits from the opposite side.


Continuous guide

Continuous guide

This element prevents boxes from moving onto the adjacent channel while moving down or during the picking operations. 
Entry guide

Entry guide

This guide helps the operator load boxes onto the correct channel.

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