Design and project proposal

Our technicians study each project to design different storage alternatives, always looking for the maximum return on investment and taking into account logistics, safety and hygiene aspects.
The POLYPAL team examines the needs in situ and makes a global study of the place of implementation, planning the available space and advising the customer on the storage system that maximizes the available space of his warehouse.
POLYPAL applies the European regulations on storage to the calculation of its products.


Own manufacture

We use tested raw materials and apply the most advanced production processes in the market in profiling, automatic welding and painting, under strict control, obtaining a product that exceeds the requirements of the regulations for the manufacture of metal racking,   as much in physical and functional as in durability.

In addition, POLYPAL’s own manufacturing and extensive experience in steel transformation techniques allow the freedom to manufacture solutions adapted to each storage need.


Installation and professional assembly

We have professional assembly teams for the installation of storage systems, without interfering with the daily activity of your store, in addition, our management regulations allow us to control the installation from the beginning to the end.

We take care to audit the installation site to ensure the correct assembly of the installation and ensure compliance with the regulations at all times. POLYPAL quality assurance systems, based on ISO 9001: 2008, cover not only manufacturing, but also installation, ensuring that all processes are formalized and audited periodically.

Installation assembly | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

After-sales service

We provide assistance and advice from the beginning of the project until the end of the useful life of your storage system.

  • Supply of accessories and spare parts.
  • Replacement of damaged elements.
  • Advice and execution of warehouse modifications, transfers or extensions.
  • Training on the guidelines of the UNE EN 15635 and NTP852 standards.
  • Periodic technical inspections carried out by accredited professionals, with the corresponding report.
After-sales service | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS
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