Automated warehouses

Automated warehouses | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

The automated warehouse is a system designed to be operated automatically by robotic equipment that manipulates the load.

  • This type of warehouses reduces handling times and increases safety due to the fact that operators do not need to enter into the corridors.
  • It is the solution for problems of storage of high heights (40 m or more) and with reduced work aisles.
  • Cargo handling is fast.
  • Allows precise control of the stock.

Therefore, this type of installations optimizes spaces, volumes and times.

Automatic warehouses can be operated by:

  • Stacker cranes, when it comes to handling palletized loads with APR or with compact systems.
  • Miniload, in the case of light and small loads stored in boxes and with a lot of rotation in height.

Automated warehouse boxes | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS
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