Cantilever racking

Estantería Cantilever | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Cantilever racks are specially designed for the storage of long and bulky loads (profiles, tubes, boards, plates, coils, etc.)


  • This storage system allows direct access to all stored goods, usually assisted by front forklifts or four-wheel trucks, thus achieving an optimal classification of stored products.
  • The load levels are easily adjustable every 76mm.
  • This system allows the design of the shelf both on one side (simple) and on two sides (double).
  • Especially directed to sectors whose merchandise is a long load, such as the storage and distribution of wood, metal profiles, warehouses for construction, etc.
  • Through the placement on the arms of the rack of chipboard or trays, allows to generate a rack to store another type of load.

If the assembly of the rack on the outside of the warehouse is necessary due to the type of storage, it is advisable to use racks with a hot-dip galvanized finish to improve the conservation of the racking on the outside. There is also the possibility of complete the installation with a cover in order to protect the stored load.

Cantilever estantería amarilla | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Security elements

Guardrail protection | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Frame side protection with guardrail

Protects the frames from accidental shocks of the truck.
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