Longspan shelving


Longspan shelving is a solution designed for the storage of diverse materials with medium loads or bulky loads, in boxes or in packaged packages.


  • Direct access to all stored loads, getting an order, visual stock and high stock rotation.
  • Easy regulation of the load levels every 50 mm.
  • The load levels are formed through the incorporation on the beams of agglomerate panels, grids or metal panels.
  • To make the most of the available space, both, in surface and in height, facilities can be made:
    • With narrow aisle operated with tower trucks, pick-orders and automatic mini-load systems for single or multiple loads.
    • Height storage with elevated pedestrian access corridors via access stairs or forklifts
    • Shelves with a diaphanous upper floor.
    • On mobile bases

Medium duty shelves with boxes | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS
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