Multi tier shelving

Industrial shelving with raised floors are the storage solution in height built from medium duty or low duty shelves.

This type of shelves with corridors or raised walkways allow operators to access the upper levels of the shelves and handle the load manually or helped by warehouse trolleys.

Different levels of corridors are created in various heights to which operators access through stairs and can even install goods lift to handle the merchandise.


  • Allows direct access to all cargo units, through the high accessible corridors.
  • Make the most of the surface and height of the warehouse.
  • Can be adapted to any type of warehouse and to any manual loading unit.

The raised aisles can be installed on different types of shelves:

In general, these facilities are used to store medium and low rotation goods, but they are sometimes used in high rotation e-commerce facilities that use computerized warehouse management systems for assistance.

Pasillos elevados estantería dos plantas | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Security elements

Load fall prevention mesh | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Load fall prevention mesh

Prevents the fall of the load on people.
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