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Grupo Uvesco (Supermercados BM and Super Amara) has 236 supermarkets of its own and a workforce of 5,400 people. Uvesco is characterised in that it supports local suppliers to offer customers proximity goods. A quality-based model of supermarket offering a wide range, specialised attention and local produce.


In its firm backing of a supermarket model with high-quality products, Uvesco wanted to create a logistics distribution centre specifically for fresh and frozen products as 60% of its logistics capacity is dedicated to this type of product.

With this project – the Group’s largest investment to date – Uvesco continues to guarantee quality for its customers, in meat, cold cuts, fish, fruit, vegetables and frozen products. And also unifies and centralises in a single platform all management previously carried out from another three distribution platforms in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Cantabria.

This plant with a surface of 21,000m2 will provide comprehensive management of fresh and frozen product logistics for the 143 BM supermarkets. Its strategic location in the Cantabrian town of Castro Urdiales, supplies supermarkets of the north zone. This platform also attends to all BM orders online.


This platform represents an improvement of the handling and transportation logistics, and a consolidation of a logistics infrastructure that will allow Uvesco to continue growing and opening more stores. This plant is expected to dispatch 120 tonnes of fresh produce per day, a figure the Group aims to double in future.


Both the new platform and the trucks that distribute to the supermarkets are at a controlled temperature at all times, to guarantee that the cold chain is not broken at any stage.

The platform is divided into five foods storage areas: meat, fish, fruit&veg, a multipurpose zone, and frozen foods. Together with a consolidation room to prepare orders for the stores. The platform is completed with 35 loading bays for truck arrival and departure, in addition to an office space.

The new facilities incorporate the latest technologies of the sector:

  • Order preparation by radiofrequency and voice picking, where the operator receives from the computer system through a headset instructions regarding the order, items, quantities, etc.
  • Ergonomic handling equipment adjusted to each operator’s constitution and complexion improve comfort during their tasks.
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration and insulation components in all sections.
  • Application of a recovery system for the residual energy of the cooling installation to use in the building’s A/C.

Technical data sheet

  • Storage of foods, principally fresh and frozen.
  • Logistics platform with a surface of 21,000 m2.
  • 4 controlled temperature stores + 1 freezer store (-25ºC).
  • Conventional pallet racking for storage of 800 x 1,200 mm pallets with a maximum load of 1,000 kg per pallet.
  • Total capacity: 7,249 pallets.

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