Industrial light duty shelving

Light duty shelving | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Industrial light duty shelvings are specially designed for the storage of light manual loads.

This shelving is the polyvalent product, of high resistance, that allows the storage of pieces of small size and medium size being ideal for the storage of accessories of hardware, automobile, pharmacy, textile, packages, spare parts, …

Thanks to its numerous configurations, it opens infinite possibilities when it comes to being able to store different types of merchandise, having three different models of uprights and interchangeable shelves depending on the load that the rack must support, as well as multiple finishes and accessories, which It provides great flexibility and adaptability to the available space.

Care design and finishing, without edges or dangerous angles, shelf supports with anti-evacuation shelf safety, facilitates a more comfortable and safe work.

On the basis of these shelves, storage systems can be designed for:

  • Elevated corridors – to add height storage lines
  • Shelves light load on mobile bases.
  • Mezzanines – where the shelves support the weight of the mezzanine itself
  • Low-level or high-level picking facilities, with order pickers trucks or stacker cranes


  • Designed for the storage of light manual loads
  • Versatility of use: allows the storage of small pieces up to loads of 350kg per shelf.
  • Multiple configurations according to the needs of space and weight of the load.
  • Interchangeable accessories.
  • Great ease to make compartments of different sizes on the same shelf without the need to screw and unscrew ensuring a perfect assembly.
  • ActiveCoat protection finish, an antimicrobial system that inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi on the treated surface.

Carga ligera industrial estantería con libros | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS


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Vertical dividers full or partial

In the case of vertical dividers on each shelf, these can be supplied to cover all or part of the space inside
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