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This pallet racking system offers a specialized compact storage solution, in which pallets are moved away from the loading front area with no need for the forklift to enter the racking structure.

The load is placed from the end of the racking by the forklift on the stationary shuttle and, the shuttle being activated by remote control, it is then moved to the hearest free position.


  • With the satellite car, the movements of the pallets are completely automatic, reducing the working times of a standard compact system.
  • The deposit and collection functions are completely automatic.
  • Introduction and extraction of pallets without risk of blows.
  • During the realization of the order, the operator can do other works.
  • The system allows work with different references in the different height channels.
  • Depending on the configuration of the rack, you can work in F.I.F.O. or L.I.F.O.
  • It allows maximum use of the storage volume, as only one aisle is necessary for the load in the case of work in L.I.F.O mode and in case of F.I.F.O. mode, we need another aisle for the unloading.

Racking Safety Inspections

Racking Safety Inspections

POLYPAL has a Racking Safety Inspections Service for warehouses with pallet racking.

Racking with shuttle | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Security elements

Guardrail protection | POLYPAL STORAGE SYSTEMS

Frame side protection with guardrail

Protects the frames from accidental shocks of the truck.
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